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A smart watch for
stylish living.

Blending with your life and style
to monitor your health.

Most health and fitness tracking devices are overly technical, sporty, or medical—which is great for the gym, but not so much in the boardroom. With significant funding, Quanttus was ready to change the way people manage their personal health. MATTER worked with Quanttus to design a new wearable health-monitoring device with an easy-to-use interface and a style to suit any occasion.

We don’t see any reason why a personal health device or smart-watch needs to telegraph its function, so we imagined an elegant device that looked just like a premium watch, blending in perfectly wherever your day takes you. The result was a beautifully designed smart-watch that puts the power of real-time, actionable health data in the wearer’s hand—literally.

We explored a contemporary definition of a classic premium watch: the iconic round silhouette, a classic crown, premium stainless steel, and real physical watch hands, all within an unassuming form with enduring and broad appeal. The “hidden-until-lit” interface behind the watch face and real mechanical dials keep its secret powers hidden, revealing data only when needed.



· Industrial Design

· 3D CAD

· Rendering

· Inspiration Board